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        Cat Lover must go! Cafe MOCHA in Shinsaibashi, Osaka. Many cute cats are waiting for you

        2020-03-07 20:29:27 Pinvels 2059


        Cat Cafe MoCHA is Tokyo's well-known cat slave point, with more than 10 branches throughout Japan, and the Osaka Shinsaibashi branch is the first branch in the Kansai area, and currently has about 20 cats.圖片關鍵詞

        Each cafe is open all year round, and its location is near the subway station and lively area.

        Different from other coffee shops, it costs 200 yen per 10 minutes, the upper limit is 2,400 yen, and the drink fee is 350 yen.


        The decoration of the Shinsaibashi store is mainly wood tones, which feels very warm and soft, and can provide enough facilities and space for cats to jump around.圖片關鍵詞

        MoCHA feeds at 10:30 and 19:30 every day, so if you want to watch them eat in line in order, don't miss these two periods!圖片關鍵詞

        Image source: Official IG


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        [Cat Café MOCHA]

        Address: 〒542-0083 1-18-11, Toshinbashi, Chuo-ku, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture

        Transportation: Subway Shinsaibashi Station Exit 5 and walk for about 3 minutes

        Opening hours: 10: 00- 22:00

        Phone: 81 6-6125-5966

        Rating: 4.5 / 5