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        Bangkok Super Gorgeous Cafe - Exaggerated Dream Decorations

        2020-03-07 21:02:49 Pinvels 7948


        SRETSIS is Thailand's local tide brand. It has already entered the international market in a short time.

        Sretsis Parlour is its branded cafe, and Unicorn Lahua Coffee is from this wrap.


        The decoration of the Cafe is gorgeous and adopts the style of an idyllic palace. The environment inside the store makes you feel like you are in Alice in Wonderland.

        Every corner of the store is worth checking in! Walls, dining tables, counters, fabrics, ceilings, spiral stairs, etc. The overall color scheme feels gorgeous, and the dim light is also very atmospheric.


        The meals are exquisite, with different pulls on hot drinks. The tableware is also very high-end and has a noble feel.


        However, this package is not low in consumption, and the taste and taste are not very prominent. Of course, if you check in and take a picture, this wrap will definitely satisfy you!

        Image credit: Facebook @SretsisParlour


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        [Sretsis Parlour]

        Address: Central Embassy, Level 2 1031 Ploenchit Road Lumpini Patumwan 10330 Bangkok

        Transportation: Take the BTS to Ploen Chit Station, Exit E2, Exit 5 and enter the Central Embassy from the pedestrian bridge

        Opening hours: 10: 00-20: 00

        Phone: 66 2 160 5875

        Rating: 4.5 / 5