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        Mixt Chatuchak - New shopping mall in Bangkok

        2020-03-07 21:06:57 Pinvels 4098


        Bangkok's brand new Mixt Chatuchak opened a few months ago, next to Chatuchak Weekly Market. This market has always been a super big market for tourists to visit on the weekends, and it is not easy to go shopping outdoors when it is hot. In the future, you can cross the cold river when you sweat, and you can continue to scan goods!



        Mixt Chatuchak is 5 stories high and has more than 700 shops, which are covered with fashion, boutiques, ethnic clothes, decorative furniture, handmade passport sets, snacks, medicinal makeup and more. Basic popular products can be found at Mixt Chatuchak, and the prices are very affordable.


        This bun also has a food court, with more than 20 restaurants, including staple foods, desserts, hand-cranked drinks, and even vegetarian food.圖片關鍵詞

        In terms of environment, the mall is spacious and comfortable, not too big, and not tired after a stroll. And there are many restaurant foods, you can eat and charge, you can continue shopping!

        Image source: mall official website, IG @ mixtchatuchak


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        [Mixt Chatuchak]

        Address: 8 Kamphaeng Phet 3 Rd, Chatuchak, Bangkok

        Transportation: Take the BTS to Mo Chit Station, go straight to exit 1, and pass the Chatuchak Market

        Opening hours: 10: 00-22: 00

        Phone: 66 2 079 4888

        Rating: 4/5